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Magnatec completed a review and report of our ICT Supplier list, in which they identified and proposed potential IT cost savings in excess of £1m that can help us with the overall saving plans we have to make in the next few years.

We needed to get control of our costs and our strategic planning & visions as well - Duncan at Magnatec identified & delivered cost savings in excess of £10k ! We are continuing to work with him to help us with continued financial control and strategic planning for Infomatrix.

Barry Lewis - County Council Leader

Jagjit Ladhur - CEO Infomatrix


Hi, my name is Duncan Mercer. I help SME's like yours BE THE VERY BEST THEY CAN BE by reducing costs, increasing profit and being a sounding board for ideas, plans & strategy. A trusted partner you can lean on and go to whenever you need it most.

I'm sure you're like me and hate paying out your hard earned money and ending up with lower profits and missed opportunities at the end of the month - missed opportunity + high costs = less profits and that means less take home for you.

You may feel you're swamped & crippled by your business costs or fell you have no one to turn to when making decisions or you may feel you're fully in control - either way why not contact me for a FREE company review.

You know your business best so I don't want to tell you how to run it - I just want to help with some of the heavy lifting.

I'm already looking forward to working with you.

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