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Have you ever 2nd guessed yourself in business?

Business Meeting

Could you benefit from a sounding board?

Large corporations invest vast amounts of money seeking the advice of Non-Executive Directors.

Every business large or small needs a little help, advice or simply a sounding board for assurance they are going in the right direction.

We offer that comfort of an experience business expert at a cost effective level for SME's.

Investing in our Non-Exec Solution can help you :

  • Grow your business

  • Generate increased profit

  • Help with strategic planning

  • Mentor in your decision making

Sometimes having a third party to just say "Yes, you're making the right decision" is all you need to sleep at night and gain assurance & self confidence.

Invest in your businesses future today :

£350 per month

( 3 month commitment )


We are so grateful for the support and inspiration Duncan brought to our office. We are in a much better place now than we were a few months ago, before we met Duncan.

Duncan at Magnatec came in and took a weight off our shoulders. His input made a massive difference to us. It was just the push we needed to work through our challenges. He allowed us to pass the headache to him and he ran with it.

Rebecca Manship, Headway Derby Operations & Development Manager

Debra Morris, Headway Derby Chair