• Duncan Mercer

A Day in the Life .... the first week at Cubo

I didn’t sleep very well on Monday night. I hadn’t been drinking, I wasn’t stressed or worried about business or personal issues – as sad as it may sound I was excited about going into work on Tuesday morning. Why? I was going into work at my new office space, Cubo, in central Derby.

For many years now I have either been working on client sites on business parks or simply working from my home office, nowhere near a city centre and having to drive all the time – low overheads for a small business I hear you say, but in fairness I had been looking for the right office space for a long time and nothing fitted my vision.

Then a few weeks ago I saw a post about a new office space opening in central Derby, in the Old Post Office on Victoria Street – CUBO. I was first shown round by Romey Lee (Business Development Manager) about 2 weeks before completion. There were builders everywhere, no desks or chairs just noise and dust – BUT WHAT A SPACE !!

I saw the potential in their plans immediately – a modern, open plan central work space for businesses to utilise for their own work & the potential of collaboration & networking with others.

I was hooked and couldn’t wait to sign up and get started in there – what to choose though; Hot Desking, Designated Desk or a Dedicated Office of varying sizes. Initially I took a hot desk to “test run” and I’ve finally decided on a designated desk.

Back to Tuesday morning and I jumped on my local bus that has to & from stops directly outside the office (Brucey !) walked into Cubo and was immediately greeted by a beaming Charlotte on the reception desk along with Marc & Becky Brough, Romey & the rest of the Cubo team.

First things first – a superb coffee expertly made by Mandy, the in house professional Barista. Fully inclusive with your monthly membership fee which also includes all rates, bills, network, cleaning, furniture other teas etc. and …… wait for it …… BEER ! Yes – free beer available as well.

What’s not to like – when I arrived on Wednesday morning before I’d even got my laptop out, Mandy had delivered my favourite coffee next to me.

I’ve already had conversations with other businesses who joined the first week, including Helen Bee from Clean Living, let alone the fun & laughter with the Cubo team. It is a productive, vibrant, modern business like environment that feels nothing like work at all.

It’s now the end of the first week and there has been a constant flow of potential new members viewing, signing up and saying hello all day and as it’s Friday I’ll be shutting down soon but instead of racing to get home I’ll be going to have a beer and a chat with the others on the sofas & bean bags on the ground floor first.

I don’t work for Cubo but I’m more than happy to recommend this office space and the team without hesitation – but don’t take my word for it they are holding an open coffee morning on Thursday 13th February 9 – 10:30am so come and have a look for yourself and make your own mind up. CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS

Cubo offices will be opening up in Sheffield & Nottingham soon.


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