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Data Protection as a Service ( DPOaaS )

Be Prepared, Be Compliant !

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Every business needs to be protected & compliant when it comes to Data Protection, specifically with GDPR.

Most SME's are not legally required to employ a Data Protection Office (DPO) but you are legally required to make sure you're compliant.

This is where we come in - we can offer a Remote DPO available on the end of a phone and on email to answer your questions.

This is a subscription service much like an insurance to make sure your company is compliant, and is available from as little as £150 per month.

What's included :

 - Initial audit & gap analysis

 - Email access to DPO GDPR Expert

 - Annual Review & Report

Do you need to spend the money on Data Protection?  As at the end of May 2019 - 64,000 investigations were upheld with issued fines totalling €56M !


Data Protection Officer Services


£250 per month
(annual commitment)

Gain peace of mind that your business is GDPR compliant in line with the law.

 - Initial Audit

 - Email access to Remote DPO

 - Annual Review & Report

( £300 per month if paid monthly )

GDPR Audit

( one-off payment & report )

The Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) advise that a GDPR Audit should be completed at least once a year by every business.

We offer this as a one-off service but is also available as part of the Remote DPO service.

GDPR Gap Analysis

( one-off payment & report )

The GDPR Gap Analysis Service assesses the extent of your businesses's compliance with the GDPR, it will identify and report on the areas that need to be addressed.

This can usually be done once and then backed up by either the GDPR Audit or Remote DPO Service.