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Helping Businesses Reduce Costs

  • Do you struggle to keep on top of your business finances?

  • Are your costs consistently higher than forecast?

  • Have you seen a recent 10% increase in your costs?

If you answered yes to any of the above then perhaps we can help - how about a solution that will :

  • Put more money in your pocket by reducing costs and increasing profit.

  • Give you full control over your business finances.

  • Allow you the freedom to run your business knowing your finances are being dealt with.


We will remove the concerns that keep you up at night because of your business costs and help you achieve a business driven by profit and you.  We do this via our proven process :

  • Business Analysis Deep Dive Session​​​ - we get under the bonnet of your organisation to really understand your business, from your perspective.

  • Analyse, Review, Report & Plan - we search out the areas within which we will deliver success to your business and then provide you with a full report.

  • Implementation - we work with you to deliver these changes that will deliver you peace of mind.

  • Review, Report & Plan - Once implementation is complete we take a 2nd look to make sure every last effort has been addressed to get your business running at it's optimum level.

  • Result Review - Finally we detail every step take to achieve your goals and offer up suggestions on how to keep on track going forward.

Invest in a solution today reap the rewards forever.

Magnatec completed a review and report of our ICT Supplier list, in which they identified and proposed potential IT cost savings in excess of £1m that can help us with the overall saving plans we have to make in the next few years.

We needed to get control of our costs and our strategic planning & visions as well - Duncan at Magnatec identified & delivered cost savings in excess of £10k ! We are continuing to work with him to help us with continued financial control and strategic planning for Infomatrix.

Barry Lewis - County Council Leader

Jagjit Ladhur - CEO Infomatrix


If Your Costs are Keeping you up at Night

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A one-off cost reducing solution that will deliver the answer to your business cost pain points.  Work with us for a month and we'll deliver a plan to drive success.

  • FREE Initial Consultation.

  • Business Deep Dive Session

  • Analyse, Review, Report & Plan

  • Implementation

  • Review, Report & Plan

  • Results Review


£500 per month

Your constant financial support - let us take the finance headache away and let you concentrate on running your business.

  • All elements of the SME Cost Reducer - PLUS

  • Cost Control

  • Financial Control

  • Business Analysis

  • Business Mentoring

  • Business Advice